Royal Gate Automatic Barriers LLC

 Royal Gate Automatic Barriers LLC

About Royal Gate Automatic Barriers LLC

 Royal Gate Automatic Barriers LLC
Royal Gate Automatic Barriers LLC,

 Established in the year 2001, is specialist in the supply, installation, testing, commissioning and Maintenance of Gate Barriers,  automatic doors, Roller shutters, over head doors, sectional doors, dock levellers, Gates and its  Maintenance.

Royal Chute Steel Fabrication LLC, was established in 2008, specializing in the fabrication, supply, installation, testing and commissioning & Maintenance of Garbage/Linen Chutes, Compactors and associated products.

Royal Gate Technical Services LLC, was established in the year 2008 and was carrying out Maintenance and building services, primarily to support the other two operations.  Currently, the total maintenance works is being consolidated under this activity with the view to move into total building operation and maintenance (TBOM) and to expand to Facility

Management (FM), where there is a greater need and demand for a quality service providers and greater opportunity for growth.


To be the most dependable and responsible company in offering highest quality products, services and solutions in  the manufacturing, construction, facility maintenance industries in GCC.


Sustainably provide all our clients, solutions that are innovative and cost effective with the highest level of quality, by Investing in the right PEOPLE, PROCESSES & TECHNOLOGY.


SERVICE We strongly believe that providing exceptional  service to our customers is the foundation of  our business success.  Therefore, we are passionately committed to understanding  clearly what our customers need and to provide them with outstanding solutions and services.
PEOPLE We are committed to attracting and developing the best people we can for each role and responsibility and provide them a mutually stimulating work environment and rewarding  jobs and careers.
PROCESSES Our processes provide a foundation for discipline, focus and  empower our people to make the right decisions at the right time at the right level to meet the overall objectives of the company.
TECHNOLOGY We  integrate  people, processes and systems  through technogy to  always achieve operational excellence and improved delivery to our clients.
INTEGRITY We recognize our responsibility and accountability towards our  people, clients and stake holders and are determined to bring a straightforward, transparent and honest approach to everything we do and be the highly respected organization in our businesses.